Yellow Bird
Yellow Bird
General Info
Powers Speeding up
First Level Appearance: Theme 1-16 (in game)
Gender: Male
Species: Canary
Locations: Almost Everywhere
Strength: Normal
Size: Regular

Weeheeeeeee!" -Yellow Bird while speeding up.

Angry BirdsEdit

The Yellow Bird (also known as the Maching Bird, Canary Bird, Fast Bird or Speedy Bird or his revealed name, Chuck) are a species of birds in the Angry Birds series. Their triggerable rush ability allows them to pick up speed to cause the most possible damage to the pigs and their structures. Much like many of the other birds, its strength usually varies depending on the block and angle that is struck. The yellow bird has a particular strength against wood obstacles, able to penetrate several walls easily particularly with help from its abililty. Strangely, they're weak against glass despite glass having a much weaker strength than wood.