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aka Ellie

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  • I live in Philippines || ?
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Multimedia, Arts and Science Student and a part-time nerd.
  • I am an aspiring artist and amateur writer.
  • The Fan of Wiki

    Attention! Okay, the school's back this month (June). I'll contribute here every Saturday and Sunday only, and to the admins who are viewing this blog, please check the if there's any vandalism or any other bad things that we do not want to see. P.S. To all users (except me, of course), please DO NOT vandalise this article. I protected it from registered users and anonymous.

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  • The Fan of Wiki

    It doesn't mean that I "steal" the articles displayed in my wiki. The're included on my wiki to entertain everyone here. This wiki has its own dimensions, characters,etc. I created the articles that cannot be seen in the wikis. Also, I put note on the main page.You can see it in the right corner.

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