Red Bird
Bird 1
General Info
Powers Non
First Level Appearance: Theme 1-1 (in game)
Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: Almost Everywhere
Strength: Normal-Weak
Size: Regular

"Raaaaaaaah heeheeha!"

-Red Bird, as he is being launched from the slingshot.

In Angry Birds GameEdit

The Red Bird (Cardinal Bird, Original Angry Bird, Normal Bird or Little Red Bird) is one of the different birds that are controlled in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. The Red Bird is also known to be the mascot of the series.

The Red Bird is the first seen, and used in the series, starting from the very first stage. In the first few levels, these birds will be able to cause great damage to the weaker structures, but as the player advances through, they will soon discover the Red Bird doesn't have much strength compared to the other birds, and can usually only shatter about one long wooden or glass block before becoming a corpse.

The Red Bird is useful through all levels,however should be used to finish off areas that have been pre-weakened by other birds.