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Hollywood (a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood) is a large man who likes to point out
Mr. Hollywood
others' mistakes.

Overview Edit

Mr. Hollywood likes to point out others' mistakes; he will begin by saying, in an admiring tone "Well, isn't that cute?" and then shout at the top of his lungs "But it's wrong!" - always accompanied by the background sound of a striking foghorn. At the one occasion where he says "Well isn't that cute?" without adding "But it's wrong!", he breaks the fourth wall by telling the viewers they probably expected him to shout that. Whenever the dogs bump into Mr. H (the way he introduced himself as when he was a teacher) he has a completely new appearance and on one occasion is a woman. He has also had many occupations such as a teacher, farmer, Noah, casino manager and pet shop owner.

Occupations Edit

  • Teacher
  • Farmer
  • "Noah"
  • Casino Manager
  • Pet Shop Owner
  • Actor (For Tarzan)

Appearances Edit