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Lloyd is the swordsman of an elite-team of people who are able to do extremely dangerous missions.

Appearances Edit

Castle III Part B Edit

Lloyd's first appearance was when he walked into a room which had Etrius and Beecher in it. As he walks into the room he tells Etrius that Dr. Romamov has discovered the location of the third castle. As they get ready for the mission they all get on a helicopter that takes them to the castle. When it lands in a courtyard, they all get out of the helicopters and finds the Altar room.

Castle III Part C Edit

When they were in the Altar room he was with Beecher when the General killed Etrius. As Beecher yelled at Lloyd telling him to stop the General. As he drew his sword at the General, holding it to his throat, they are suddenly attacked by the creatures. Lloyd hacks his way through several of them. When the floor starts to crack, Lloyd is stuck on the other side of the crack as Beecher and Boomer watch helplessly as he is trapped on the other side. The others have no choice but to leave him.