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Ice Dragons are one of the creatures who lived in the Dimensional Universe.

Ice World Dragon


Ice Dragons are powerful enough to frozen their prey using their Ice Breath. The ice will melt when all the Ice Dragons left the Northern System, so one or two of them must left behind to preserve their system. Controlling Ice and Water are different, although the ice came from water. Solid ice is controlled by Ice Dragons and Water is controlled by Water Dragons.The Ice Dragons creates hailstorms when angered, while Water Dragons creates whirlpool. Ice dragons are not to be confused with the Water Dragons.


These kind of dragons are quiet and a loner. Ice Dragons are like to be alone and to train somewhere else. When an Ice Dragon injured or died, they'll quickly re-group and stick together for a long time. But it doesn't mean that the'll stick 'till the end; it only lasts for few weeks.


They lived in Northern System, where it is cold enough to be lived by this kind of dragons.


Did you Know?

  • That the Ice Dragon isn't melting when they travel to other systems except when the temperature exceeded 40°C.