Green Bird
Green Bird
General Info
Powers Turning around like a boomerang
First Level Appearance: Theme 6-5 (in game)
Gender: Male
Species: Toucan
Locations: Almost Everywhere
Strength: Normal
Size: Normal

"Caw!"- Green Bird as he turned into Boomerang

In Angry Birds Game Edit

The Boomerang Bird are a species of birds used in Angry Birds , With the help of some birds, the Boomerang Bird spins around and escapes captivity of the pigs. Boomerang Birds fly much differently than the other species. When they launch, they're constantly spinning, and they're launched at a farther distance. This spinning plays into its special ability to change its course in midair. This ability to fly backwards allows it to strike areas that the other birds can't reach. The Boomerang Bird is based upon the Emerald Toucanet.