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General Holy
General Holy Saber
Name General Holy Saber
Age 20
Alias/es G.H.S.
Gender Male
Species Protonoid
Relative/s Unknown
Friends Gade Dragov

Light Dragov
Dark Core

Affiliation/s Spirit/Knights Group
Power/s Blade
Currently Live in Isprange
Status Alive

General Holy Saber (aka G.H.S.) is alien friend of Gade.

Character StoryEdit

G.H.S. lives in Planet Protonoid and defending it from Mechas. But the Mechas are hard to kill and attempting to conquer the Protonoids' planet so they decided to destroy it by using Combat Bomb. The Protonoid aliens escaped by using their Protonoid Ship. They searched for a planet to live in and after five years of searching, they saw a good living planet called Isprange. They were attacked by a missile and the spaceship explode and split into. G.H.S. escaped by using a mini-ship and landed on the jungle where Gade and Light him. Unfamiliar with his surroundings, he stayed on his ship for few days. The Dragov Twins sneaked inside to looked for the "alien".


G.H.S. is an good and assertive protonoid.