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Great Castle
Gade's Castle
Great Castle in Google Sketch Up
Named By Gade Dragov
Designed By Gade Dragov
Constructed By Cartoonited group

Gade's castle (a.k.a. Great Castle) is home/headquarters of Cartoonited.


The Castle was constructed after Dragov Twins' uncle died. It is actually a third floor building, but it is expanded because Gade transferred homes of the Cartoon Network Characters, Nickelodeon Characters, Disney Characters, Other Characters. And the group called "Cartoonited" formed and constructed the castle. After constructed, all of the characters argue about the name. Light told Gade to name it, and caught their attention by using the beeper of their earpieces that he placed secretly on their ears. Gade told them the Castle's name is "Great Castle". Named after the "Great City", where it is first constructed.