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Etrius 2

Etrius was the leader of an elite-team of people who are able to do extremely dangerous missions.

Appearances in Castle Series

Castle I

Etrius climbs all the way up to the castle and enters. He grabs the book and leaves. But then a dragon comes out to kill him. A man with a rifle tries to help him but fails. Etrius grabs the rifle and kills the dragon. (in Castle III part A, Etrius has a flashback of killing the dragon with a sword which meant that he was getting the first book at that time).

Castle II

Etrius starts by getting off the helicopter, gets his weapons and goes into the castle. After the doors close, he's attacked by the creatures. He reaches the book but he gets bitted. He grabs the book, jumped to the roof and was saved by the helicopter. Then he broke a pole that had a flag and used it to kill one of the creatures.

Castle III Part A

Etrius starts of getting off the helicopter after being bitten by a creature, after that he starts to have flashbacks and hears a voice. In one flashback, it is shown why he is working with the General.

Castle III Part B

Etrius wakes up when Beecher comes in to talk about the mission when Lloyd comes in and tells hims to get ready for the next mission. Etrius, Lloyd, Beecher and Boomer get on an helicopter and fly to the third castle, there they land in a courtyard. After entering the castle, they find the Altar room. Etrius and the General go to the center of the room.

Death of Etrius

Etrius (lying down on the floor) was killed by the general.

Castle III Part C

After getting to the center of the room the General tells Etrius to retrieve the Artifact. After holding the Artifact, a light goes into Etrius giving him powers. He kills a soldier and The General shoots him in the neck. After Beecher finds out that Etrius is dead, they attacked by the creatures, so they have no choice but to leave Etrius's body behind.

Castle Repercussions Part D2

In the end of the chapter, the center of the room shows only blood. Etrius' body dissappeared, that means Etrius survives the gunshot.

Human Form