TFOW Signatures
Dark Core
Dark Core
Dark Core in Protoss Form
Name Dark Core
Age 21
Alias/es Shadow
Gender Male
Species Spidroid
Relative/s Blademaster (brother)
Friends Gade


General Holy Saber
Affiliation/s Spirit Knights
Power/s Horror Flames

Eye Blast

Change to Holy Core
Currently Live in Isprange
Status Alive

Dark Core was a former friend of Gager Choker.

Character Story Edit

Dark Core (a.k.a. Shadow) was a creator of a world called Dark Kai. He joined Gager and Joe to kill the heroes and recruit the villains in other worlds. Gager, Joe and Dark Core destroyed the homes of the founding groups of Cartoonited.

Gager learned that he cannot trust Shadow anymore after he found out that he'll be Gade's assistant. He destroyed his world by using Combat Bomb. Shadow attempt to kill him but the Choker brothers beat him and Gager stabbed him by the Moon Sword in the chest, where his chest eye is blinded and the brothers escaped via Dimensional Motorcycles. He stood up and found out that his chest eye is blinded (he has five eyes, four eyes on his face and one on his chest). Shadow retired temporarily in Isprange 's middle core to heal himself. The blinded eye was healed and Shadow decided to join Gade. He become a founding member of Cartoonited.


Dark Core is violent, and assertive spidroid.