Danny Phantom Azul by dannyandoxeld

Danny Fenton ghost boy A.K.A Danny Phantom.

Danny Fenton is just a normal 14-year old kid trying to make his way through high school in one piece. Then, everything changes. His ghost-hunting parents invent a machine that is supposed to teleport them to the ghost realm. When the machine appears not to work, his parents give up and leave. Danny gets curious and checks out the inside of the machine. Then something extraordinary happens! Danny hits a switch accidentally and turns himself into a ghost-boy. At first he's afraid that he won't be able to live a normal life. Then he realizes that he can use his powers and his parents kooky inventions to capture runaway ghosts who terrorize his town. So Danny Fenton becomes Danny Phantom. With the help of his friends, goth-girl Sam and nerd Tucker, Danny will protect his town and become more than just an ordinary boy. Meanwhile he has to keep his secret from his parents and his 16-year old soon to be psychologist sister....
Danny Phantom - Theme Song HQ

Danny Phantom - Theme Song HQ

Danny Phantom theme song

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