Blue Bird
Blue Bird
General Info
Powers Splitting into threes
First Level Appearance: Theme 1-10 (in game)
Gender: Male
Species: Blue bird
Locations: Almost everywhere
Strength: Weak
Size: Small

"Wahooohooooo!" -Blue Bird while splitting into threes

In Angry Birds Game

Blue Birds are species of Birds in the series.These birds are the weakest of the eight, but have the unique ability to multiply into three identical copies to fly into the pigs and their buildings.

The Blue Bird's splitting ability can be exploited in different ways. By splitting just before impact with an obstacle, the three birds' force on impact is concentrated for maximum force. Or the birds can be split early allowing them to spread out and hit more obstacles at once. While a Blue Bird has difficulty with most obstacles, it does have a unique strength against glass: able to penetrate glass walls with surprising ease.