TFOW Signatures
Looks like a Terran to me.
Name Blademaster
Age 19
Alias/es Paladin Knight
Gender Male
Species White Knight
Relative/s Dark Core (brother)
Friends Gade


General Holy Saber
Affiliation/s Spirit Knights/Group
Power/s Healing

Dashing Knight

Knight Slash
Currently Live in Isprange
Status Alive

Blademaster is the younger brother of Dark Core.

Characters StoryEdit

Blademaster (a.k.a. Paladin Knight) is living peacefully in his world called Amuz. One day, he saw the planet Isprange (at first he thought that it was a "Fruit Planet"). Blademaster went there with ease. He's also one of the first assistant of Gade and like his older brother Dark Core, is one of the founding members of Cartoonited.


Unlike his brother, Blademaster is a peaceful, joker and delightful White Knight.


  • Blademaster is look like a Terran. He wears a juggernaut suit just like the Terrans have but he has sword attached on his left arm.