Big Brother Bird
General Info
Powers Ability to break anything by using it's weight
First Level Appearance: Theme 9-1 (in game)
Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: Almost everywhere
Strength: Strong
Size: Large

For the smaller counterpart and brother, see Red Bird .

The Big Brother Bird (A.K.A.Big Red Bird or Fat Bird, or his revealed name, Terence) is the seventh bird used in Angry Birds. It's described as the larger counterpart to the Red Bird, having much more strength. When launched, it will result in Big Brother Bird grunting. However, he's more powerful than his little brother, the Red Bird. Big Brother Bird is first introduced in the episode The Big Setup and are used for the majority of the episode, starting from Theme 9-1. It is the only bird that can easily smash through about one block of stone, and it doesn't need a special ability to smash through all types of obstacles. Instead, it uses its weight to crush through objects. However, his strength varies depending on what block(s) he's used on, as a large square block will almost always stop Big Brother Bird in his tracks.

The Big Brother Bird is the 3rd largest bird of all. The largest bird is the Mighty Eagle. The Orange Bird is bigger than the Big Brother Bird only when inflated, but is still smaller than the Mighty Eagle.